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How to Get there?

The nearest MTR Station:

Sai Ying Pun Station (Island Line), Exit A2 (10 min walk)

Go there by Light Rail (tram):

• Sutherland Street Stop - 2 min walk

• Queen Street Stop 1 min walk

You can go there by bus, Uber or taxi.

Amenities Info

Men’s, Women’s, and All-Gender washrooms are accessible on-site.


More information is coming soon.


Gay Games Hong is proud to introduce Mahjong to the FGG pantheon. A Mind Sport of skill, strategy and luck, Mahjong first appeared in the 19th century in China and has spread throughout the world. The game is played by four players around a table and adopts a set of 144 tiles or 136 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols.

Soho House Hong Kong is located in a 28-storey skyscraper in Sheung Wan, with panoramic views over Victoria Harbour and the islands, the exclusive private club features interiors inspired by the local film industry and an extensive collection of contemporary art.

Please have your badges present when entering the complex.

Tentative Schedule: Sunday, November 5 – Tuesday, November 7.

The Mahjong tournament consists of 3 consecutive days of competitions and finals.

Participants will receive separate emails or announcements from our volunteers if any changes on the venue not limited to dates, times or rules. Thank you for supporting us, we are looking forward to seeing you in our tables.




• C- (Recreational with no competition experience)

Series Format Options:

1. Riichi Mahjong (Aka. Japanese Style) 立直麻將

2. Classic Mahjong (Aka. Hong Kong Style) 清章麻將

3. 16-tile Mahjong (Modern) (Aka. Taiwanese Style) 十六張新章麻將

• Note: Due to the popularity of Mahjong sport in Asia, our participants can select more than 1 format from our 3 exciting series to become the first ever Mahjong Champions in the forty years of history.

• We encourage people with disabilities and from other diverse backgrounds to register. We endeavour to provide reasonable accommodations as may be needed, however, for this sport there may be limitations as to how we can accommodate. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] so we can provide you with more details.

MAX No. of Participants / INDIVIDUAL ONLY

Hong Kong Mahjong
Taiwanese Mahjong
Japanese Riichi Mahjong

Registration Fee

HK$ 300.00

Guidelines / Special Considerations or Rules

Please click below link to select the series for Tournament Rulebooks

1. Riichi Mahjong (Aka. Japanese Style) 立直麻將
2. Classic Mahjong (Aka. Hong Kong Style) 清章麻將
3. 16-tile Mahjong (Modern) (Aka. Taiwanese Style) 十六張新章麻將

All information above is subject to change