Opening Ceremony

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Opening Ceremony

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2/F Exhibition and Distribution Lobby, Queen Elizabeth Stadium, 18 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai

灣仔愛群道 18 號伊利沙伯體育館二樓大堂

How to Get there?

The nearest MTR Station:

Wan Chai, Exit A3
(10-15 minute walk to the stadium)


Tonnochy Road stop
(6 minute walk to the stadium)


We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the exceptional performers who graced our sports opening ceremony with their incredible talents.


The Opening Ceremony is a highlight of all major international sporting events. The GGHK Opening Ceremony will be a celebration of unity in Diversity, inclusion and acceptance.

This historic event - held for the first time in Asia - will include all the usual ceremonial aspects including the team march-in, flag raising, lighting of the flame and a tribute to the Gay Games Founder Tom Waddell - all knitted together with a healthy dose of the East-meets-West culture that defines Hong Kong as Asia's world city.

This will be a highlight event of this year's Gay Games.


Saturday, November 4

Doors Open: 3 pm

• All participants must be seated by no later than 4 pm.

• All those attending must present their GGHK access badge to gain entry.

• No badge – no entry.

• Please have your badge ready to be screened prior to entry to ensure a smooth entry process for all.

• Late-comers cannot be guaranteed entry.

• There is no F&B at the venue. Please eat before the start of the event.

• Vending machines are available to provide limited snacks and drinks.

Event Schedule:

3:00 PM: Gates Open
4:30 PM: Team March-in begins
5:35 PM: Opening Video
5:45 PM: Opening Performance
6:00 PM: VIP Speeches
6:30 PM: Tom Waddell + Tom Waddell Awards
6:40 PM: Raising The Flag and Oaths Taking
7:00 PM: Take The Flame
7:35 PM: Light Show
7:45 PM: Celebrities Performance
8:00 PM: End of Ceremony

Celebrities Performance line up:

Part I: The Road to the Opening Ceremonies

Kickoff video with a special guest


Part II: Hong Kong: Where Currents Meet


Dragon-boating on Swan Lake

Hong Kong has always been a city where the world meets, traditions influence each other, and new possibilities are imagined. This performance is a tribute to the openness and adaptability of Hong Kong and its people.


Part III: Raising Our Flag

Dotting all the eyes

They have come to give us luck and good fortune, but first... they must be awakened.


Battle of the lions old and new

Wisdom without energy produces little, but energy without wisdom is a recipe for trouble. When old and new come together, great things can happen. For example, a dance battle between lions.


Hitting the high notes

A new twist on Cantonese Opera as we share our hope: May your flag fly high.


The Transcultural Orchestra

There is no harmony without different voices, and here the sounds of East and West combine in a celebration of connection


Part IV: The Flame Within

Kitty Tsui and Siu-fung. Law: Inherit the spirit

We inherit the victories of those who have been fighting longer than us, and we try to carry their strength into the future. This pledge is represented in the new friendship of Kitty Tsui and Siu-fung Law, two native-born Hong Kongers who have lived loud and proud, and with the goal of making the world a better place for all of us. Finding strength in the past, we march on.


Part V: United in Diversity

Hong Kong Poetic Pop

Local tunesmiths Per Se will round out the evening on a beautiful note as we officially begin the Gay Games Hong Kong.


The march-in is a highlight of the Opening Ceremony and the Games and will be held at the beginning of the event inside an indoor arena.

The march-in will involve walking down and up stairs inside the arena complex. Please exercise caution when walking in the stairwells. Please strictly follow the directions of ushers and security staff during this process.

Those with genuine mobility issues should notify volunteers on arrival to determine how they may safely and comfortably join the march-in.

The order of the march will be:


• Federation of Gay Games

• San Francisco (host city of first Gay Games)

• Countries and regions in alphabetical order. We will adopt the IOC designations. GGHK Volunteers will carry the signs of each team and lead each team into and out of the arena

• Hong Kong China (host city marches-in last)

Arena seating

March-in participants will be seated in the order of the team march-in (alphabetical order) Ushers will be holding signs that clearly identify the seating area/zone of each team After the march-in is complete, and on return to the seating area, there is free seating Please note that because of capacity limits and stage layout, the views from some seats may not be as good as that from others.

Non-marching participants may remain in the designated team zone while their friends and compatriots take part in the march, or they may seat in a non-marching seating area

Further information will be provided closer to the event.

If you want to take part in the march-in, please remember:

• Collect your access badge before November 4 at Queen Elizabeth Stadium

• Arrive in good time

• Follow the instructions of the venue staff and ushers

• Chill! It’s meant to be fun!


Entry by GGHK access badge only.