Martial Arts

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How to Get there?

The nearest MTR Station:

Wan Chai (Island Line), Exit A3
(11-minute walk to the stadium)

You can also take:

• Tram (aka “Ding Ding”): Tonnochy Road stop (6-minute walk to stadium)

• Bus (Multiple Options)

• Uber/hire car service

Amenities Info

More information is coming soon.


Concessions will be available on-site. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants and fast-food shops around Wan Chai! Have fun exploring!


GGHK’s Martial Arts event promises to be the most interesting tournament in the history of the Games, bringing this quintessentially artform back to its ancestral home where some of the oldest and most complex styles of martial arts such as Wing Chun and Choi Li Fut were invented. Our tournament will pull in the region’s most advanced Kung Fu and martial artists for spectacular sparring.

Please have your badges present when entering the complex.

Forms, Sparring, Self-defense:
Sunday, November 5 – Monday, November 6


All Style Martial Arts Competition:

• Appearance and dress of contestants: Contestants may wear whatever uniform she/he feels most comfortable in as long as it is clean, not excessively torn, and provided that no part of the outfit is perceived to threaten the safety of the contestant or her/his opponent (i.e., no rings, jewelry, sharp buttons, pins or trinkets of any kind that may cause injury).

If any part of the contestant’s outfit is deemed unacceptable by the IAGLMA officials and the tournament directors, the contestant will be given a grace period of no more than five (5) minutes to change outfits or to alter the existing outfit.

Any contestant who refuses to abide by an official’s directive may be disqualified from the competition at the sole discretion of the tournament directors in consultation with the chief IAGLMA officials. Footwear should only be worn in forms competition and should be acceptable martial arts footwear.

• Free sparring: Sparring equipment is mandatory in all sparring divisions. This includes headgear, mouth guard and hand and foot coverings for all competitors.

Accounting for individual appropriate anatomic morphology, groin protection (specifically a ‘tuck under’ type cup/box) is required for men. Groin protection may not be worn on the outside of the uniform. A chest protector is recommended for women, however, it is not required. The hand covering must cover the knuckles. The foot gear must cover the toes and heel. It may be either foam dipped type (e.g. Century, Jhoon Rhee, Shihan, etc.) or vinyl (Tiger Claw, KP, etc.). All equipment must be in good condition or repair.


For each competition, divisions will be offered by gender, skill level, age or/and weight, to enable all participants to have the best chance to demonstrate their skills. In the event of an insufficient number of participants in some categories, the GGHK organizers reserve the right to aggregate divisions and classes. Conversely, in case of overcrowding, organizers can create new divisions.

All Style Martial Arts Competition:


• Beginners (white, yellow or orange belts or under 1 year of experience)

• Intermediates (green, blue or purple belts or under 2 years of experience)

• Advanced (red or brown belts, or between 2 and 4 years of experience)

• Black Belts (or over 5 years of experience)

• Black Belts 3rd dan and +

Age Groups

• 35 years and over: For Black Belts in the following martial arts events: Empty Hand Forms (katas) Weapons Forms, Sparring (kumite).

• Depending on the number of participants, new divisions may be created in other levels of practice. The reference age for the divisions is a landmark but may change depending on the interests of competition and competitors.


In Martial Arts competitions, weight categories are organised only for sparring in the Black Belt category. Weight categories are defined as follows:

• ALL GENDER: Fly weight ( 56,8kg / 125lbs and under) , light weight (68,6kg / 151lbs and under), middle weight (78.6kg / 173lbs and under) , Heavy weight (78.7kg / 173.1lbs and more).

• WOMEN: Fly weight (55kg / 121lbss and under), light weight (60kg / 132lbs or under), middle weight (65kg / 143lbs and under), heavy weight (65.1kg / 143.1lbs and more).

• Unless otherwise requested, there are no weight categories for people with special physical needs.

We encourage people with disabilities and from other diverse backgrounds to register. We endeavour to provide reasonable accommodations as may be needed, however, for this sport there may be limitations as to how we can accommodate. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] so we can provide you with more details. Unless otherwise required, there are no weight categories for people with specific physical needs.

MAX No. of Participants / Teams


Registration Fee

HK$ 600.00

Guidelines / Special Considerations or Rules

All Style Martial Arts

IAGLMA rules:

All information above is subject to change