Trail Running

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Trail Running

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Almost three-quarters of Hong Kong’s land area is countryside, including 24 country parks covered by a 650 km network of dedicated hiking routes, providing a unique trail-running setting. As the undisputed trail-running hub of Asia, Hong Kong promises a trail-running experience like no other, featuring beaches, rocky coastlines, dense woodland and rolling mountains rising nearly 1,000 meters.


Lantau Island


Personal running gear (recommendation): Hydration gear, food, gels or bars


November 6th Monday. Consists of 1 day of competition.

The following events will be organized:

• 5-7km

• 10-15km

• 21-25km


Men’s, Women’s and All Gender’s Divisions Age Groups:

• 18-29

• 30-34

• 35-39

• 40-44

• 45-49

• 50-54

• 55-59

• 60-64

• 65-69

• 70-74

• 75-79

• 80-84

• 85-89

• 90-94

• 95-99

• 100+

We encourage people with disabilities and from other diverse backgrounds to register. We endeavour to provide reasonable accommodations as may be needed, however, for this sport there may be limitations as to how we can accommodate. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] so we can provide you with more details.

No. of Participants / Teams


Registration Fee

HK$ 600.00

Guidelines / Special Considerations or Rules

No special considerations

All information above is subject to change

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