Gender Inclusion Policy

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Gender Inclusion Policy

The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) and GGHK Ltd (GGHK) jointly endeavour to create an inclusive environment during Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2023 (GGHK2023).  GGHK2023 will be hosted by GGHK, one of the co-hosts for Gay Games 11.

FGG and GGHK recognise that not all genders are legally recognised in their country of origin or residency, and are aware of the various challenges that may be faced in these circumstances.

FGG and GGHK recognise that many sporting competitions are still organised in traditional binary male and female gender categories. In its goal to be inclusive of all genders, the FGG and GGHK clearly see how that traditional binary competition structure can be an obstacle for inclusivity of all.

In line with our principles and values “Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best™,” FGG and GGHK have developed this policy, which aims at optimal inclusion of all genders, whilst safeguarding safe and fair playing ground for all, across all of our sports and cultural events.

FGG and GGHK firmly believe that a participant should take part in GGHK2023 in the gender category they feel truly reflects their identity. In addition, a growing pool of countries and organisers of sports competitions recognise a gender designation referred to as “X”, which is also an option for some sports.

FGG and GGHK acknowledge that only participants themselves can identify their gender, and a participant should never feel left out or forced to take part in a Gay Games competition that does not align with their identity.

In order to best safeguard fair play and safe participation, some sports may need to continue with the provision of male and female binary gender competition categories, but alternative formats, such as mixed gender competitions, specific non-binary competitions, or open competitions with no gender categories at all, may be offered outside of the binary categories wherever possible, to allow participants of any gender to take part.

FGG will work with GGHK and successive future organisers of Gay Games to offer an increasing range of competition options across all sports and cultural events, so that we become an even more inclusive place for all genders.

FGG and GGHK are committed to pursuing the official ratification of new records by federations or governing bodies and will support them to develop more inclusive policies wherever possible. However, should a new record be set during a GGHK event by a participant, neither GGHK nor FGG can guarantee that such record will be recognised or ratified by other (inter)national sports entities. The final decision depends on the relevant international federations or governing bodies’ gender recognition policies.

FGG and GGHK will follow international standards and best practices when implementing measures to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information before, during and after accreditation, in order to prevent any kind of undue disclosure (including waivers for document requirements).


GGHK will strive for a discrete, professional, and respectful approach when addressing each person’s gender of competition throughout their GGHK experience.

FGG and GGHK will not tolerate any kind of discriminatory behaviour towards any participant, spectator, guest, official or volunteer at GGHK as per its Code of Conduct and Dignity and Fairness Policy.

It will also not be tolerated for any participant, spectator or volunteer to question or challenge another GGHK participant on their gender; this is a breach of their human rights and against what the Gay Games stands for. The Gay Games exists to promote Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best™ for all, and FGG will therefore also not tolerate any participant taking unfair advantage of the inclusive nature of GGHK2023 to better their own performance or that of their team.

Registration: Legal Name, Name, Pronouns

To take part in GGHK2023, participants will need to register. FGG and GGHK understand the sensitivity that may exist around gender-related information or their derivatives.

  • Legal Name. While registering, a participant will be required to register with GGHK using their legal name, as printed in their valid travel document. It is an absolute priority for FGG and GGHK to ensure this information remains confidential, undisclosed and securely stored.

  • The legal name will only be used to establish your identity in your contractual and legal relation with GGHK, or as permitted under the relevant privacy policy.

  • At collection of the GGHK accreditation documents, every participant will be required to identify and confirm details with a valid travel document. This includes the Legal name.

  • GGHK will never use this legal name in a way that may encroach on any right to self- identification.

  • A participant will be able to give their own name, which may be different from their legal name, and will be able to use their correct pronouns.

  • This name and these pronouns will be used for operational purposes during GGHK2023, and may differ from the legal name or binary gender pronouns.

  • The GGHK accreditation document provided to each participant will only indicate the participant’s provided name and selected or self-described pronouns.

  • This will allow participants of any gender to be their true authentic selves during GGHK, whilst protecting the identity of participants who present themselves in a way they cannot do when at home.


Registration: Legal Gender, Gender Identity and Gender of Competition

  • Legal Gender and Gender Identity. While registering, a participant will be asked both for their legal sex and their gender identity, as non-mandatory, optional questions.

  • Legal sex and gender identity data will only be used for statistical purposes, and allow FGG and GGHK to monitor its achievements in gender-diversity.

  • It is an absolute priority for FGG and GGHK to ensure this information remains confidential, undisclosed and securely stored.

  • At collection of the GGHK accreditation documents, every participant will be required to identify and confirm details with a valid travel document. This includes the legal sex.

  • If legal sex cannot be confirmed by the travel document, a waiver may be accepted on a case by case basis, as both GGHK and FGG recognise the difficulty for some people to obtain these documents.

  • GGHK will never use this legal sex or gender identity in a way that may encroach on any right to self- identification.

  • Participation Gender Category. Only for those events using distinctive gender categories, participants will be required to indicate their preferred gender of participation, i.e. the gender category they feel most comfortable with when participating in GGHK

Disputes & Questions

All disputes or complaints arising out of or in connection with this policy should be raised, in the first instance, to the GGHK representatives or event officials involved. Should the dispute persist and/or escalation be required, the issue can be raised by any participant or official to a “Disputes Committee” ([email protected]) for mediation, arbitration or determination.

If the Disputes Committee determines that GGHK has insufficiently met reasonable expectations in providing an inclusive competition opportunity for any individual participant, they will be entitled to a full refund on the related registration fees.

The Disputes Committee is composed of members appointed by FGG and GGHK.

For any question about this policy or its application at GGHK2023, please get in contact with the GGHK and/or the FGG via this email address: [email protected]