Free Waiver Programme

Thanks to a dedicated fund, we are very excited to offer a Fee Waiver Program to some of our participants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Asylum Seekers

Individuals of age 18 or above under non-refoulement protection (refugee/asylum seekers) in Hong Kong SAR or have formally filed for such protection at the time of registration.

ID Document Requirements:
Form No. 8, Recognizance document

After submitting the Administrative Fee of HK$100 with the form on the right.
Please send the required ID document to the email below to complete the application:

New Application is Closed.
Thanks for your support!

Administrative Fee: HK$100

Please reach out to our Customer Experience team at [email protected] for enquire about the Fee-Waiver Programme.

Additional Information

Once you receive the Coupon code, please complete the registration process within 2 weeks because Sport places are provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. You will need to pay HK$100 administration fee during the registration and this is non-refundable.

If the approved Sport is not available during registration, then you are allowed to choose a Sport with a lower cost. If you decide to select a higher cost Sport, then you can pay for the difference to complete the registration process. Please note that the Sport fee cannot not be waived when checking the “Select a sport in future” during the registration process. If you decide to “Select a sport in future”, then only the registration fee will be waived, and you will need to pay for the Sport item selected later.

All Sports are open for the Fee Waiver program except Sailing. Our Sports Team is working hard to nail down the resources and details for the Game. Sailing will be open for the Fee Waiver Program when the sport is ready for registration. Please use the Coupon to complete the registration process as soon as possible to avoid price gap due to the early bird discount. Please click here to complete the Registration process.

If you have any question about the Fee Waiver Program, please contact [email protected] for enquiry.