SCMP: Hong Kong Gay Games – prejudice and hatred in Legco fall foul of Beijing’s desire for social harmony

A city that brings different people together through sports, arts and culture – a city that unites people – is exactly the sort of public relations we need, not divisive slurs that damage social cohesion.

Now there is little political opposition in the Legislative Council and the electoral reform law has passed without incident – ushering in a “new and improved” political ecosystem for Hong Kong – one would expect Legco meetings to run as smooth as silk, and the work of governance to be that of quiet clockwork efficiency.

Legislators have passed changes to their chamber’s rule book, taking care of filibustering and disorderly conduct as part of their spring-cleaning exercise. And true to their patriotic commitment to home improvement, they are mulling new rules, such as subjecting themselves to a fine of HK$3,400 (US$438) for missing meetings without proper reason.

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