Whether you are looking forward to competing in a Sporting event or attending the Arts & Culture Festival, Hong Kong looks forward to providing you with 9 days of inspiration, fun, excitement and life-long memories!

Everyone aged 18/+ is welcome to participate regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, beliefs or training level: Games for All.
Pre-registration Benefits

Pre-registration costs HKD 50* and comes with an Early Bird Discount of HKD 200 off the participation fee when the Full Registration opens (scheduled for mid-2022).

To Pre-register, you need to create a User Account, or sign-in with your personal Google account. Please read the Terms of Service, Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures before proceeding, thank you!

* The Pre-registration Fee of HKD 50 is non-refundable

All GGHK2023 Fees
HKD 50

Pre-registration Fee is PER PERSON, and it comes with an Early Bird Discount of HKD 200 off the General Participation Fee.

The Pre-registration Fee is non-refundable.

HKD 1,500

The General Participation Fee is PER PERSON, and it opens with the Full Registration in mid-2022. Your General Participation Fee is what makes GGHK happen and includes:

  • the GGHK2023 Welcome goodie bag
  • the official GGHK2023 Participant’s guidebook
  • a pre-charged Hong Kong Public Transportation Octopus card, valid for MTR, Tram, Bus & Minibus
  • a GGHK2023 Participation Medal
  • access to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • free daily pass to the GGHK2023 Village

The Events Fees are PER PERSON, and they open with the Full Registration in mid-2022. In addition to the General Participation Fee, a Fee applies for each GGHK2023 Sports and/or Cultural Events you choose to register for. 

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