Arts & Culture

We’re proud to unveil GGHK2023 Arts & Culture Festival: a showcase of talent and passion to reflect Hong Kong’s unique cultural and social mix of chinese and international creativity.

We’ve lined up 3 nights of music and performances at the Wonderland Main Stage in West Kowloon, together with visual arts exhibitions with international and local LGBTQ+ artists, cultural activities, and memorials.

The Arts & Culture Festival of GGHK promises to be the most comprehensive and inclusive exhibition of LGBTQ+ affirmative creativity ever presented in Asia, with: 

  • 3 nights of concerts on the Wonderland Main Stage featuring artists and performers from all around the world representing local, international, and classical culture 
  • A Visual arts exhibition celebrating young LGBTQ+ artists in Hong Kong 
  • The International Rainbow Memorial Relay 
  • A spectacular Opening Ceremony celebrating Hong Kong and the spirit of the Games 
  • After dark cabaret shows and breathtaking junk boat tours of Victoria Harbour

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