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Introducing GGHK2023 Official Logo: SAIL OF UNITY

Until the 1970s, Sampans – the traditional Chinese wooden flat boats – sailed up and down Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour all day and night creating an iconic waterway. Many of these Sampans displayed striking red sails. 

By the 2020s, only a few of these Sampans are still visible on the harbour, but their legacy has become part of the city’s image and culture. 

The logo for GGHK was designed to represent the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community through the Sampan – with 6 colours from the rainbow flag as sail. Our boat sails on calm waters.

Holding the flag up is a grey hand, representing humanity. The two coloured waves represents the ocean that unites every country on Earth and gently pushes the boat towards #UnityInDiversity. 

In 2018 we undertook a public bidding process to find the official logo. The winning logo as voted by the public is our official logo, and was designed by Jom Has.

In 2020 and 2021 Tommaso Panerai, GGHK Brand & Creative Director, tweaked the logo in-line with the new updated branding. 

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