Grievance policy


GGHK encourages open and honest communication and is committed to an environment where questions, concerns, issues and problems can be raised comfortably and are addressed appropriately. This policy aims to give everyone clarity on how to raise complaints and seeks to ensure that these are resolved effectively and without adverse impact on relationships or individual performance.


This policy applies to all participants, coaches, trainers, managers and officials involved in GGHK as volunteers.

This policy does NOT cover disputes which arise in relation to a sport by volunteers in their capacity as ‘Participants’. The process covering these disputes can be found in the Participant Registration Terms.

Further detail of additional measures in place and policy covering gender equality can be found in this policy.


A complaint about something anyone involved in GGHK perceives to be wrong or unfair is considered a grievance.

A complaint or complaints of the same nature that a group of individuals perceive to be wrong or unfair is considered a collective grievance.

Grievances should be addressed and resolved swiftly.

Grievances should be resolved informally where possible.

When a grievance cannot be resolved informally or where an informal approach is considered inappropriate the following grievance process should be followed.

Raising a Grievance

Anyone who wishes to raise a formal grievance should set out their complaint in writing, to a member of the Management Team giving as much detail as possible. This can be done via email: [email protected]

In raising a grievance, you should set out what resolution you are seeking and what outcome you feel would resolve your grievance.

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