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Summary Registrant Terms & Conditions Thank you for registering your participation in the Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2023 (Games). Although we at GGHK Limited look forward to seeing you, whether you are an athlete, volunteer, official, spectator, supporter or any other participant, you should note that your registration carries some responsibilities which you should be aware of. We expect you to conduct yourself appropriately to ensure that both you and other participants enjoy themselves and have a good time. In addition to abiding with local laws, you should also follow our Gender InclusionHealth & Well Being Policies, and Code of Conduct. We also expect you to abide by the Federation Principles of Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best. Please also follow any instructions that Games volunteers and officials may request of you. We are a non-political and non-profit organisation that was specifically established to organise a large diversity sports event in Hong Kong. This is our only focus. There are other organisations that are better suited to express political views or promote other causes. (If we tried to change all wrongs in the world, we may end up changing nothing.) Taking part in the Games involves an element of risk, particularly if you are an athlete or some other active participant. You should not only be 18 years old when the Games start but also be of appropriate physical and mental fitness for your participation level. We cannot be liable for any injury you may suffer or property loss during your time in Hong Kong, but we will provide any assistance we can, including providing your personal information to medical services where required. We recommend that you have insurance for your stay. Our running of the Games will be subject to many factors, including some which are out of our control. Therefore, we may need to make changes to the Games, from changes to the venues, sports and events to postponing or even cancelling the Games. We can only refund your fees if we cancel the Games, but will not if you withdraw your participation for any reason. When you participate in the Games, we may take photographs or otherwise record your performance. This is both to memorialise this wonderful event but also to share it with others who cannot attend as well as to spread the word to future participants at future games. We appreciate your consent to allowing us to do that. All your personal information collected via registration by fuseSPORT (a vendor engaged by us) will be controlled by them and used for your participation under the Federation’s privacy policy. You can write to the Federation at any time if you have privacy questions. We have set up a Disputes Committee to resolve issues arising for these terms (such as athlete sport categorisation, etc). Matters that cannot be resolved by them will have to be referred to the courts using Hong Kong law.
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Summary of the EEA and Non-EEA Privacy Policies GGHK Limited takes your privacy very seriously. We collect and control your information (such as your contact information (name, e-mail or street address, phone number etc.) and demographic information (age, country of residence, preferred language etc.)) when you communicate with us by entering competitions and surveys, on our website & apps or indirectly through third party platforms (Facebook, etc). We may also provide it to third parties (partners, sponsors and marketers) and outside of Hong Kong and/or use it for research, all on an aggregate, anonymised basis. Although providing your information is not mandatory, we will not be able to provide you with services in some cases if you do not provide it. We will take steps to protect and use your information generally to organise the Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 (Games), and specifically for your participation in them or for any other specific purpose you may have provided it to us. We will also use it for marketing purposes where you have consented to that. Your information is stored in a secure environment and restrict access only those who need to use it for one of the permitted purposes. We will retain your information for the period necessary for that. If you are a user from the European Economic Area (EEA), we will transfer your information outside of the EEA. We may also use profiling mechanisms but you have information rights generally as set out the Privacy Policy for EEA users, such as right to access, rectify or erase your information, etc. If you are outside of the EEA, you also have rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) of the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. You can contact us at [email protected] or at Suite 701, 7/F, The L Plaza, 367-375 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong if you wish to opt out of any marketing or any other communication, or have any questions. Please note that your information collected via registration by fuseSPORT (a vendor engaged by us) will be controlled by them and used for your participation under the Federation’s privacy policy. You can write to the Federation at any time if you have privacy questions.
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Summary of the Website Terms of Use You must comply with these terms when you use and contribute content on GGHK Limited’s (we, us or our) website at (Website) and other applications and APIs (Apps) provided by us. The Website and Apps are together, our Services. You must be 18 years old when registering for an account with us, and then may only use our Services for lawful purposes. Comprehensive lists of permitted and unauthorised uses are set out in the full Website Terms of Use. You should be careful with your login details used to access our Services and not disclose them to others. Using our Services is subject to our Privacy Policies (European users and non-European users) and Cookies Policy, and separate competition or promotion-specific terms may also apply if you enter them. Any breach of this may result in your access to our Services being restricted or terminated. Although we take care when uploading content into our Services, we cannot guarantee its accuracy nor completeness, and therefore you should take care when relying on that information. We have no liability to you if you suffer harm caused by you accessing our Services. You should also take care when visiting third party websites linked from our Services as we have no control over them. If you upload content onto our Website or respond to others through comments, that content should be accurate, genuinely-held, inoffensive and not deceitful. You should not upload anything that you do not have the right to upload, such as pictures or media belonging to others without their permission. Again, a more comprehensive list is set out in the full Website Terms of Use. You (and we as part our content monitoring role) may edit or delete that content once uploaded. Once you upload content, you give us the unrestricted right to publish it in our Services without paying you. We may change these terms and conditions, and contents in and functionality of our Services at any time. You can contact us at [email protected] to delete your content from our servers, or if you have any questions. You can also request that we remove content belonging to you that has been uploaded by others without your permission. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
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Code of Conduct & Behaviour Policies

Every participant in the Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2023 (GGHK2023) will follow the GGHK2023 Code of Conduct for Participants and Coaches. By registering for GGHK2023 each participant agrees to this Code of Conduct:

  • I understand and respect the GGHK2023 values of Participation, Inclusion, and Personal BestTM.
  • I will show respect and consideration for other participants, volunteers, officials, and staff, and for the laws and customs of the host community.
  • I will contribute to making this an enjoyable and uplifting experience for myself and everyone else.
  • I will not participate in any sports activity at GGHK2023 while under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substances.


For Participants

  • I will abide by the rules.
  • I will never argue with an official.
  • If I need to ask a question of an official, I will do so in a friendly and courteous manner.
  • For team sports, I will communicate with officials through my captain or coach.
  • I will control my temper.
  • I understand that verbal abuse of officials, disparaging other participants, or deliberately distracting or provoking another participant is not acceptable and are not permitted behaviour in any event.
  • I will work be a good participant and recognise the performance of my fellow participants.
  • I will treat all participants as I would like to be treated. I will not bully or take unfair advantage of another participant.
  • I will cooperate with my coaches, teammates and other participants.
  • I recognise that without them, there would be no events.
  • I will participate for personal enjoyment and benefit, not just to please others.
  • I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants, regardless of age, ability, health status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race or ethnicity, including nationality language or beliefs.

For Coaches, Trainers and Managers

  • I realise that everyone participates for pleasure, and winning is only part of the fun.
  • I will never ridicule or yell at a participant for making a mistake or failing to come first.
  • I will be reasonable in my demands on players’ time, energy and enthusiasm.
  • I will operate within the rules and spirit of my event and teach my players to do the same.
  • I will ensure that the time players spend with me is a positive experience; all participants are deserving of equal attention and opportunities.
  • I will avoid overplaying talented players: the ‘just average’ need and deserve playing time.
  • I will ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the ability of all players.
  • I will display self-control, respect and professionalism to all involved in the event; this includes participants, coaches, officials, administrators, the media and spectators. I will encourage participants to do the same.
  • I will show concern and caution towards sick and injured participants, and follow the advice of a physician when determining whether an injured participant is ready to recommence training or competition.
  • I will obtain appropriate qualification and keep up to date with the latest coaching practices.
  • I will take care that any physical contact with a participant be appropriate to the situation and necessary for the participant’s skill development.
  • I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants, regardless of age, ability, health status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race or ethnicity, including nationality language or beliefs.

For Officials

  • I will be consistent, objective and courteous when making decisions.
  • I will condemn unsporting behaviour and promote respect for participants.
  • I will emphasise the spirit of the game rather than the errors.
  • I will encourage and promote rule changes that will make participation more enjoyable.
  • I will be a good sport because actions speak louder than words.
  • I will keep up to date with the latest trends in officiating and the principles of growth and development.
  • I will be ready to justify my decisions.
  • I know I set the example for participants, and that my behaviour and comments should be positive and supportive.
  • I will place the safety and welfare of the participants above all else.
  • I will give all participants an opportunity to play regardless of age, ability, health status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race or ethnicity, including nationality language or beliefs.
  • I will carry out my duties free from any favouritism or bias.
Purpose GGHK is committed to providing a safe, healthy and inclusive environment where people feel comfortable to be themselves, free from any form of discrimination, or harmful behaviour from others. This policy defines how inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour will be addressed to ensure that everyone can contribute to the aims of GGHK safely, effectively and in an inclusive environment where everybody is treated with dignity and respect. Scope This policy covers all participants, coaches, trainers, managers and officials involved in GGHK. Policy GGHK is committed to creating an environment where everyone feels safe, included and respected and encourages anybody to speak up if they experience or witness behaviour which they find inappropriate or unacceptable. GGHK is committed to diversity and inclusion and does not tolerate any circumstance where an individual is treated unfairly, is unreasonably denied access to opportunities, or is excluded. Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Discrimination is any negative action or attitude directed toward someone because of a characteristic, like their race or gender identity. Other characteristics are:
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity / nationality
  • Disability / medical history
  • Marriage / civil partnership
  • Pregnancy / maternity/ paternity
  • Gender identity or expression / sexual orientation
Bullying is malicious, often repetitive behaviour that is harmful to another and which can undermine, humiliate or injure the person on the receiving end. Harassment is unwelcome or unwanted behaviour that creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for another person. GGHK is fully committed to the elimination of any form of discrimination other than what is necessary to ensure that the effective and safe execution of GGHK. GGHK does not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying. Bullying and harassment can occur regardless of whether it was the intent of the perpetrator to cause harm or not. Examples of bullying and harassment include, but are not limited to:
  • shouting or swearing at another person;
  • making physical and/or psychological threats;
  • overbearing levels of supervision and/or persistent criticism;
  • inappropriate derogatory remarks about and/or ridiculing somebody;
  • unjustifiably excluding colleagues from meetings/communications/social events;
  • deliberately sabotaging or impeding the performance of another;
  • unwelcome physical contact ranging from touching to serious assault;
  • offensive emails, text messages or social media content;
  • physical or verbal sexual advances;
  • making offensive comments or insensitive jokes; and spreading rumours about somebody; or insulting someone.
Diversity and Inclusion GGHK is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in order that everybody feels valued, respected, included and can reach their full potential. GGHK is committed to creating and sustaining a culture that values meritocracy, openness, fairness and transparency. Breaches of Policy Concerns around discrimination, bullying, harassment or any behaviour that undermines the respect of another will be dealt with swiftly and sensitively. You can ask for help or alert the HR Team via email: [email protected]. Where acts are deliberate, malicious or serious in nature, breaches of this policy may, following the appropriate process, result in exclusion from GGHK.
The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) and GGHK Ltd (GGHK) jointly endeavour to create an inclusive environment during the Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2023. FGG and GGHK recognise that not all genders are legally recognised in their country of origin or residency, and are aware of the various challenges that may be faced in these circumstances. FGG and GGHK recognise that many sporting competitions are still organised in traditional binary male and female gender categories. In its goal to be inclusive of all genders, the FGG and GGHK clearly see how that traditional binary competition structure can be an obstacle for inclusivity of all. In line with our principles and values “Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best™,” FGG and GGHK have developed this policy, which aims at optimal inclusion of all genders, whilst safeguarding safe and fair playing ground for all, across all of our sports and cultural events. FGG and GGHK firmly believe that a participant should take part in GGHK2023 in the gender category they feel truly reflects their identity. In addition, a growing pool of countries and organisers of sports competitions recognise a gender designation referred to as “X”, which is also an option for some sports. FGG and GGHK acknowledge that only participants themselves can identify their gender, and a participant should never feel left out or forced to take part in a Gay Games competition that does not align with their identity. In order to best safeguard fair play and safe participation, some sports may need to continue with the provision of male and female binary gender competition categories, but alternative formats, such as mixed gender competitions, specific non-binary competitions, or open competitions with no gender categories at all, may be offered outside of the binary categories wherever possible, to allow participants of any gender to take part. The FGG will work with GGHK and successive future organisers of Gay Games to offer an increasing range of competition options across all sports and cultural events, so that we become an even more inclusive place for all genders. FGG and GGHK are committed to pursuing the official ratification of new records by federations or governing bodies and will support them to develop more inclusive policies wherever possible. However, should a new record be set during a GGHK event by a participant, neither GGHK nor the FGG can guarantee that such record will be recognised or ratified by other (inter)national sports entities. The final decision depends on the relevant international federations or governing bodies’ gender recognition policies. FGG and GGHK will follow international standards and best practices when implementing measures to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information before, during and after accreditation, in order to prevent any kind of undue disclosure (including waivers for document requirements). Conduct GGHK will strive for a discrete, professional, and respectful approach when addressing each person’s gender of competition throughout their GGHK experience. FGG and GGHK will not tolerate any kind of discriminatory behaviour towards any participant, spectator, guest, official or volunteer at GGHK as per its Code of Conduct and Dignity and Fairness Policy. It will also not be tolerated for any participant, spectator or volunteer to question or challenge another GGHK participant on their gender; this is a breach of their human rights and against what Gay Games stands for. The Gay Games exists to promote Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best™ for all, and the FGG will therefore also not tolerate any participant taking unfair advantage of the inclusive nature of GGHK2023 to better their own performance or that of their team. Registration: Legal Name, Name, Pronouns To take part in the Gay Games, participants will need to register. FGG and GGHK understand the sensitivity that may exist around gender-related information or their derivatives.
  • Legal Name. While registering, a participant will be required to register with GGHK using their legal name, as printed in their valid travel document. It is an absolute priority for FGG and GGHK to ensure this information remains confidential, undisclosed and securely stored.
  • The legal name will only be used to establish your identity in your contractual and legal relation with GGHK, or as permitted under the relevant privacy policy.
  • At collection of the GGHK accreditation documents, every participant will be required to identify and confirm details with a valid travel document. This includes the Legal name.
  • GGHK will never use this legal name in a way that may encroach on any right to self- identification.
  • A participant will be able to give their own name, which may be different from their legal name, and will be able to use their correct pronouns.
  • This name and these pronouns will be used for operational purposes during the Gay Games, and may differ from the legal name or binary gender pronouns.
  • The GGHK accreditation document provided to each participant will only indicate the participant’s provided name and selected or self-described pronouns.
  • This will allow participants of any gender to be their true authentic selves during GGHK, whilst protecting the identity of participants who present themselves in a way they cannot do when at home.
Registration: Legal Gender, Gender Identity and Gender of Competition
  • Legal Gender and Gender Identity. While registering, a participant will be asked both for their legal sex and their gender identity, as non-mandatory, optional questions.
  • Legal sex and gender identity data will only be used for statistical purposes, and allow FGG and GGHK to monitor its achievements in gender-diversity.
  • It is an absolute priority for FGG and GGHK to ensure this information remains confidential, undisclosed and securely stored.
  • At collection of the GGHK accreditation documents, every participant will be required to identify and confirm details with a valid travel document. This includes the legal sex.
  • If legal sex cannot be confirmed by the travel document, a waiver may be accepted on a case by case basis, as both GGHK and the FGG recognise the difficulty for some people to obtain these documents.
  • GGHK will never use this legal sex or gender identity in a way that may encroach on any right to self- identification.
  • Participation Gender Category. Only for those events using distinctive gender categories, participants will be required to indicate their preferred gender of participation, i.e. the gender category they feel most comfortable with when participating in GGHK
Disputes & Questions
All disputes or complaints arising out of or in connection with this policy should be raised, in the first instance, to the GGHK representatives or event officials involved. Should the dispute persist and/or escalation be required, the issue can be raised by any participant or official to a “Disputes Committee” ([email protected]) for mediation, arbitration or determination. If the Disputes Committee determines that GGHK has insufficiently met reasonable expectations in providing an inclusive competition opportunity for any individual participant, they will be entitled to a full refund on the related registration fees. The Disputes Committee is composed of members appointed by FGG and GGHK. For any question about this policy or its application at GGHK2023, please get in contact with the GGHK and/or the FGG via this email address: [email protected]

Part of the mission of the Gay Games movement is to preserve and improve the health and well- being of participants, before, during, and after the Gay Games. In order to promote its message of “Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best,” the Gay Games has endeavoured to develop and implement policies that allow for safe and fair events for all.


  • To promote “Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best” for all participants in the Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2023 (GGHK2023).
  • To organize an event that offers a safe and fair playing for all participants.
  • To promote healthy activities and healthy lifestyles.
  • To educate the participating GGHK2023 community on the risks and challenges of doping in sport.

Health and Well-being

  • Gay Games Hong Kong Limited (GGHK, being the organizer) will seek to provide a safe venue and event, with health care professionals and first aid available to assist those who need care.
  • GGHK will keep confidential any medical or health information that it receives concerning any participant.

Pre-Existing Conditions and Pregnancy

Participants with pre-existing injuries or medical conditions, including pregnancy, should:

  • Obtain expert advice from qualified medical practitioners before participating, understand their advice, and assess the risks involved.
  • Discuss the issues and implications of competing with other people in their event environment (coaches, team members, managers, other participants).
  • Use common sense and not take unnecessary risks.
  • Take into account their physical condition at the time of the event.
  • Follow expert medical advice during training for the event.
  • Take into account the conditions for travel to and from the event, and while living there.
  • If participating, be prepared to provide any medical history or documentation that may be required for medical treatment.
  • The decision to play is with the participant, but participants must weigh the benefits of training for and competing in the event with regard to injury and risk to themselves.
  • Officials may, however, intervene if they consider that the condition of the participant creates a risk to the health or safety of the participant or others.

Personal Responsibility and Illegal Substances

GGHK2023 promotes personal responsibility and avoidance of risky behaviors for all participants and guests. To further these goals, all participants are urged to visit these websites concerning the issues of safe and safer sex and avoidance of sexually transmitted diseases. 

GGHK has a policy of no tolerance of any illegal substances or recreational drugs. Participants may not use or be under the influence of any illegal substances at any venues or events. Violation of this policy will include removing the participant from the competition or event.

Performance-Enhancing Drugs

GGHK has a policy of no tolerance of any illegal or prescription substance use solely for the purpose of enhancing performance. Violation of this policy will include removing the participant from the event. However, GGHK understands that use of some types of performance enhancing drugs and other substances are medically necessary and will not exclude any participant due to medical uses of such substances.

The goals of the Gay Games policy on performance-enhancing drugs are to promote: health and well- being of participants; individual responsibility for personal behavior; and fair competition. These goals complement and are part of the overall Gay Games principles of Participation, Inclusion and Personal Best.

To further these goals, GGHK promotes personal responsibility and avoidance of use of performance- enhancing drugs for all participants. To further these goals, all participants are urged to visit these websites concerning the use of performance-enhancing drugs and their effects on the user and the sport.

GGHK and the Federation of Gay Games may decide to provide drug testing for performance- enhancing drugs in any sport that requires such testing within the sanctioning body, or if it appears that fairness requires such testing.

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