How to donate

To support GGHK financially, you can either donate, fundraise, or become a Partner! And as Donor or Fundraiser, all funds raised will be counted towards your Support Tier and allow you to become a Listed Patron!

Help make the Games a reality! Every dollar you can donate – $5, 50, 500, 5,000 or 50,000 – supports us to make history in Asia. You can donate as an individual, a pair, a team, or as an organisation, through the online crowdfunding platform SimplyGiving, by credit card or by bank transfer. 

Donations sent by credit card or bank transfer will be added to the Patron Tier system, however you have to inform us by email if you want your name to be displayed or you prefer to remain anonymous. All donations are tax-deductible: we will issue you with a receipt for a Hong Kong Non-Profit. Consult your tax advisor for further details.

If you like to donate with tax exemption in Hong Kong and all other countries, please click here
If you like to donate with tax exemption in the United States, please click here

If your organisation is interested to becoming a Partner or Sponsor of GGHK, with cash or in-kind contributions, please contact our Partnership team to explore the best tailored options for your organisation.

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