BBC: The LGBT Sport Podcast The One on the 2022 Gay Games in Hong Kong

The two-year countdown to the Games starts this week, and we’re delighted to have two of the team on the podcast to tell us all about it.

Jackie Vierow is the event’s Director of Sports, and Charlz Ung is the Director of the Festival Village, and they’re both brilliant advocates for Gay Games 11 in Hong Kong.

There’s loads on the agenda in this conversation, from how Jackie and Charlz first got involved with the Gay Games; the importance of their respective roles; the impact the Games are already having in Hong Kong; what it means to them to see the wider community getting behind the Games; how they capture the character of the place; and how more people can get involved in making the event happen. It’s great that we can mark the countdown to such a significant event, and we’re grateful Jackie and Charlz took the time to join us.

Listen to the podcast here

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