Generation Mox interviews | Charlz Ng

Charlz Ng曾經對自我認同感到茫然和不安,如今的他致力為LGBTQ+發聲,提升大眾對性別議題的關注。作為香港同樂運動會的義工,他的目標是營造一個包容開明的社會,讓大家學習接受和擁抱多元。Charlz更與我們分享自己的身份認同、性取向、出櫃經歷和如何接受真我。即睇完整專訪:… Charlz Ng once wrestled with his sense of identity. Today, he strives to break down stereotypes and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community.As a volunteer for Hong Kong’s first Gay Games, he works to foster an environment of inclusion and acceptance. He talks to us about identity, sexuality, coming out and accepting your true […]

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